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sidney, too much shooting in the sunny outdoors damages the skin. sigh, photographic hazards. curly hair looks good on you!


hehheh nice self-portrait - you look older than I thought you'd be, but still dead handsome ;)


Lovely. You handsome devil.


Oh, fantastic!!! I love the self-portrait, what a brilliant idea! :)


SIDNEYyyyyy! HAHAHAHAHAHA we are sure you are just the the Handsome little evil that you really are behind that Creepy Mask...Who is that character anyway...Scrooge? CryptKeeper? SoulTaker? FreddyKruger after another 50 years? Creeeeepyyyyy...LOL! Luv Yah Lotzz! THANX A PLENTIFUL! hehehe...What Talent! What Skillz! MuMuMWHAH!!!


id go as a jedi or a starfleet officer .. hee hee hee ..


I like this serie.Regards.

Chris V.

You look a tad tired, perhaps some rest will do you good.


I bet you were smiling behind that scary mask huh? :)

Great portrait!


Ack! Is it really you?


I like your title "self portrait". hilarious :)


i don't know u look that old:-P great capture...i also love the long teeth:-))) awesome:-)


Vous avez beaucoup de chance de voir tous ces jeunes ,si nombreux ,être passionné de peintures !!!
En France ,je vois rarement des compétitions comme celle ci .
You have much chance to see all these many young people, to be
impassioned paintings!!! In France,I seldom see competitions like
that .


I magnify picture, but the truth is that it gives a little fear no?


I'll be having nightmares about you tonight, Sidney!!


Is it you ?
Good week end !!


this look rather

u sure this is a mask?


You look gorgeous! If I were single, I would date you (*wink)


I'm worried, Sidney: it seems like you've aged in this pic (no offense). :-)


That should prove to be an interesting series. I just wonder how creative the costumes and masks could be. With what's going on back there, masks of politicians in office should prove scariest of all. Just how much humor can PI politicians take, anyway?

btw. Thanks for your visit and comments.


So Scary! :P Thanks for visit my site!


I thought I could finally see your face. Hahaha.

But don't you find it weird to see Halloween merchandising in malls and hear Christmas songs blaring? I expect Jackson's "Thriller", at least. Oh, well...


hahahaha!! nice one!

another series to look forward to.. ;)

dan [lookcloser]

funny! i really like the series of street artists. where they part of a class or something? or are there just a lot of street painters in the philippines?

Irene S.

Heh heh heh. I have yet to see the face behind the mask. When, Sidney?

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